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Stanley Park Purple Sunset
Heron Under Lions Gate
Island In The Mist
Solitary Witness
Can't Hold Back Nature
about The True Shot

Whether an amateur or professional photographer, a child or a seasoned veteran, we all wish to convey what we see with our photography.  The True Shot Photography uses photography to portray what the human eye sees, through photographic tools, techniques and experience.

Moist Tulip Texture
Hi guys!

Some years back in college I first used photography as part of a geology field trip and found that capturing amazing sights on film was both incredibly exciting and personally rewarding. After a few years shooting with 35mm SLR and developing my own prints, life dictated photography should take a back seat.

Many years later, with the introduction of digital cameras, I got back in to photography. Starting out with cheaper fixed lens SLR digital cameras I worked to practice composure, exposure and most of all patience. Much later on, purchasing a full DSLR and getting in to backcountry hiking, I was able to take my photography to completely new levels, truly being able to capture what my human eye is able to see and hence being able to share some rare sights and moments.

Through strong belief in honest photography, extreme patience and constant enhancement via practice, my photography continues to produce results which are The True Shot.

Now get out there and shoot !!


Barry Semple
Barry Semple



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Nature Will Prevail
Complex Yet Simple
Shi Shi Beach
King Of The Coil
Inukshuk Sunset
Corona Abstract
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